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Client Reviews

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I must say [they] were so professional and did an excellent job driving the trailer inside the plant and positioned in front of the crane, as we have a lot of traffic movement on Saturdays. You can look at those guys and clearly tell, “yeah, they know what they are doing

Mighty Buildings


We appreciate how professional and dependable CG LOGISTICS is. You ALWAYS do an excellent job. At times some think you are a little high on cost until they realize all the other guys didn’t include any buffer for escorting, moving power lines, or other surprise costs that hit us 9 times out of 10.

Marin Corp


Your companies have great crews! Those people know how to get loads in and out without issues!! They are spot on!!! Great people. Working with people like that makes life a lot easier on a project. Awesome guys to work with.

Solar Desert HotSprings


Excellent service from start to completion. Best experience I’ve had in many years dealing with heavy haulers. Credit to [the Project Manager] for walking us thru the system and making sure the transport was handled professionally. We could not have been more pleased with the overall experience.

John Reeds


In our business, there are a lot of “curveballs”. Keep working hard and smart. Your company is very good. CG flexibility, project management, communication, and professionalism paved the way to a successful overall project.

US GOV OPS – Mrs. Julie